• Track Name

    The Winter Soldier

  • Album

    Captain America 2: Winter Soldier OST

  • Artist

    Henry Jackman


So can we talk about the Winter Soldier’s leitmotif on the Captain America 2 soundtrack? Because it’s nothing short of brilliance.

It begins with a slow build— like an air raid siren— that climbs into an almost human wail before spilling into something similar to radio static. All similar war-time alerts that are heralds of one warning: He’s coming.

The warnings are abruptly ended by mechanic, industrial clanging noises— staccato and heavy— that tell us that the Winter Soldier has arrived and has come for blood. Continual small “screaming” inflections over the music emphasize the terroristic nature of the track. And then— finally— the music track cuts in as a pairing to the heavy industrial noises that had bombarded us for almost four minutes prior.

The fact that the track is almost entirely industrial— no “natural” sounding instruments occur until the last minute or so— is beautifully appropriate. Winter Soldier’s theme is as manufactured and as mechanical as he is— cold, choppy, and wholly a product of artificial engineering. 

And it’s terrifyingly perfect.


do you cry over steve and bucky on a daily basis? and need some place to cry with people? yeah so do I. so introducing the End of The Line Net!! cause I’m with these two fuckers until the end of the line.

ONE). the basics
  • a network for all people crying over the beautiful relationship that is steve rogers and bucky barnes
  • whether you OTP the or BroTP doesn’t matter, as long as you have feels
  • looking for lovely & active people who like me are drowning in feels
TWO). the rules
  • mbf me
  • reblogs only please (likes are for bookmarks only)
  • be at least a semi-marvel blog. multi is absolutely fine, but there should be some marvel/captain america there
  • be in love with steve and bucky in some way shape or form
  • if this doesn’t hit 75 notes this disappears forever.
THREE). the joining process
  • follow the tag #endofthelinenet
  • fill out this super short survey HERE
  • ALTERNATELY, if you don’t want to fill out the form, make a post in the tag about why you should join
  • if you do make a post instead, PLEASE TAG ME so I can see it!
  • have any questions? just send your asks my way!!
FOUR). the rewards
  • new friends / people to talk cry with!
  • a follow back from yours truely
  • help with anything you want!! (aka people to reblog your selfies)
  • fic recs? fic recs!!
  • a totally awesome spot on the page!
  • did I mention some where to cry over these two idiots??

I’ll be picking on May 4th so go go GO!!

Joss Whedon releases surprise new film straight to on-demand, just because he can


Director Joss Whedon, who raked in more money than God with The Avengers released a surprise film straight to digital on-demand today called ‘In Your Eyes’, available for purchase for just five bucks. In Your Eyes is a supernatural love story, starring Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David as strangers who believe they share a telepathic connection.

Read the story here

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